Coaching is about you the client, it’s your life and your agenda for you to explore what’s important to you! This free session is a given to you with absolutely nothing to lose and no obligation at all. Book a time that suits you using the calendar below, you can use Skype, Zoom or telephone, for the coaching call (Video or just audio is fine, remember to select your preference below).

I recommend that you find a nice quiet place where you can relax and dedicate your full attention for your coaching session.

Coach and Certified Master Practitioner in the Art of what works

I specialise in supporting people to achieve a successful outcome. What they get in return is greater clarity, personal effectiveness and self-esteem. I have helped many clients in many walks of life overcome challenges using tried and tested techniques. Why not take advantage of my FREE Coaching Session and see if I can help you?


“Good listening skills.”
Nigel P Fadden
“Anchoring” it created a surge of positive energy within me, powerful stuff.”
“Your reflecting back was brilliant.”
“John helped and encouraged me to do what I always wanted to do.”
Jane Ravate
“John helped me reorganise my life.”
John Randoll
“John helped me get back on track with marketing my business.”
Jackie Butler
“John gave me a new perspective on what was going on in my life.”
Karen Ahern
“John’s NLP techniques, time line, mapping across, Heros Journey, worked well for me.”

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